Expertise, Naturalness and Trustworthiness – for more than 60 years.

Parents want the best possible start in life for their child. Thanks to Humana’s long time expertise in Infant Nutrition, we support children’s healthy growth and development by providing reliable products in tune with nature. Humana is committed to offer controlled and certified quality “Made in Germany” with 65 years of experience in research and development. Whether it is Infant Milk or weaning foods, the quality of our products is based on latest research. We cooperate closely with recognized specialists and paediatricians to offer products which meet the individual requirements of children according to their age and development.

Generations of babies have been raised up with Humana.

More than 60 years ago, Herford based paediatrician Dr. Lemke developed the first Infant Milk close to the ideal of breast milk.

Our innovative milestones:

In harmony with Nature


Scientifically proven quality in tune with nature:

Easily digestible and nourishing food is key for the healthy development of your child. Be it Infant Milk or weaning foods, our products only contain carefully selected premium ingredients, free from colorings and with the most gentle processing possible. All our raw materials can be traced back to their origin. We also process our raw material immediately after delivery, with minimal steps. A controlled quality is guaranteed with up to 600 checks and screenings. The high quality of our milk and Infant Milk has been proven by successful audits in accordance with International Food Standard (IFS) guidelines. We take care of the cows producing the milk that goes into the preparation of our formulas, and feed them only with GMO-free food, which is more suitable and natural to them. With this we guarantee high premium quality and optimal product safety of ingredients for the most important in your life: your baby.

Experts in milk.

humana milk expert
humana milk expert
Humana is part of the DMK (Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH) Group, which is the largest dairy company in Germany, hence our core competence is Infant Milk. Our range extends beyond Infant and Follow-on Milk to provide a wide range of Special Milk or digestive solutions to meet, the particular nutritional needs of infants suffering from minor digestive problems. Humana is the only brand whose Infant Milks are made 100% in Germany. Our milk is produced by 29 farmers in our region who are part of the Humana dairy-cooperative: Family farms we have known for generations and who reliably provide the quality we need for our products. They do not only keep their cows species-appropriate and feed them solely with natural, GMO-free food. Our farmers also give their personal promise to deliver best quality possible – from family to family.

Age-adapted Cereals


100% best ingredients – from the first spoon up to toddler age

We give our best every day to create age-appropriate products for each stage of your baby’s life. We offer a wide range of tasty cereals – satisfying all little tummies and their individual needs.

Our cereals are tasty by nature and naturally sweet, this supports a pure taste experience. The ingredients already contain naturally occurring sugar, this is why we do not add any sugars in most of our products *.

* Except in the Milk Cereals-5 cereals with biscuit, and the Cereals in tins format. The total levels of sugar are in line with European standards that regulate the composition of infant cereals,

We only use carefully selected and high quality cereals. Many of our recipes contain valuable whole grain.
Our ingredients are perfectly tailored to the nutritional needs of babies – in tune with their age and development stage.
Traceability of our ingredients from harvest to final product and plenty of controls ensure the highest quality for your little one.

Babies need our best. We give them 100%.

humana baby

Every child is a miracle of nature. And we from Humana are convinced: To enable natural development for a child it needs nature’s best nutrition. To achieve this quality, we give 100% our best every day.

100% Organic.

In our products,  we use ingredients from organic farming. They have been gently processed to keep them as natural and delicious as possible.

100% inspired by Moms:

Moms inspired us to create recipes that taste exactly like home-made and that are perfectly adapted to each stage of your baby´s life.

100% fruits:

We only use fruits in our pouches, with no added sugar or salt.

100% Age-adapted

The textures & ingredients of our products are tailored to the nutritional needs of babies – in tune with their age and development stage.

100% Safe

We can trace back every ingredient from final product to harvest. Plenty of controls ensure the highest organic quality for your little ones.

100% Convenience

Our pouches are easy to use, healthy and delicious snacks. They are perfect when you are out of the house and they help teach your baby self feeding skills.